Comfort Break


As The Castaways continues to go from strength to strength, we've started thinking about our next project.

With the working name Comfort Break we’re going to be looking at bringing to light the voices and stories of women, girls and those who identify as female everywhere.

Rachel and Becky are going to be writing the script together, with Becky again taking up the director’s seat. This is going to be honest, funny, raw, open and a real look at what we really think and feel - the things we share, the things we hide - our vulnerabilities and our strengths.

We’ve already started our research and development, but women of the world, we need your help. We want to gather as many voices as possible to help make this show truly representative. We want to hear from women of all ages and backgrounds.

How can you help?

1: Tell us a story

We want to hear all kinds of stories about what being a woman means to you. Whether it’s a witty anecdote, an overheard conversation, we want to hear it. It can be dark, funny, moving, thought-provoking, enraging, old or new, long or short - it’s entirely up to you.

If you want to tell us a story, please complete this form. We absolutely respect your privacy, so you can completely control how we use what you tell us and you can choose to submit anonymously.

2: Send us an article

With so many news sources out there, you can guarantee that something we should be seeing will pass us by. We’d love you to send through articles, videos, suggestions of books - whatever you think we should look at as part of our research and development. You can email us here.

3: Share toilet GRAFFITI

Send us the best/worst piece of toilet graffiti you've ever seen. Again, either send it to us through an email, Facebook message or tweet. Pictures are encouraged, if you have them!

4: spread the word

We want to reach as many people as possible. If you know someone who has a story we should hear, please send them the link to this page - we’d love to hear from them.